[Note: Most of this information is taken directly from Debian's db.debian.org - not all things listed here apply or work]

torproject.org Developer Machines

SSH Host Keys

The SSH host keys for the machines in the torproject.org domains are stored in the Tor LDAP database. The key and its fingerprint will be displayed when details for a machine are displayed.

On machines in the torproject.org which are updated from the LDAP database /etc/ssh/ssh_known_hosts contains the keys for all hosts in this domain. This helps for easier log in into such a machine. This is also be available in the chroot environments.

Developers should add StrictHostKeyChecking yes to their ~/.ssh/config file so that they only connect to trusted hosts. With the file mentioned above, nearly all hosts in the torproject.org domain will be trusted automatically.

Developers can also execute ud-host -f or ud-host -f -h host on a machine in the torproject.org domain in order to display all host fingerprints or only the fingerprints of a particular host in order to compare it with the output of ssh on an external host.

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